Brexit Confusion?

screen shot 2019-01-17 at 13.17.07

With the largest UK parliamentary voting defeat for a standing government in eighty years followed by a vote of confidence in the government that passed in the house of parliament it may be reasonable to say perspectives around Brexit are confused, somewhat contradictory and very challenging.

Is this the train wreck hidden in plain sight or will Theresa May’s efforts to bring cross-party participation into the process fall on deaf ears? Or are we entering a new variant of the Nash Equilibrium as game theory plays out with party politics?

We reached out to the team at Seismic Investment Limited to solicit their input using social listening tools combined with artificial intelligence and graphical clustering models. The results of their research and analysis provide both interesting insights and a perspective on the key players in the process.

If you have questions please reach out and we can connect you to the team at Seismic.

Seismic Post:


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