What social listening saying about Oil

oil graphic

An excellent report from the team at Seismic Investments. This time focusing on Oil and the social listening narrative from unstructured data that is in the news and across social media.

The past couple months have seen Crude oil trade from its high of 85.90 on 3rd October down 29% to a low of 53 on the 27th December then back up 13% to current 61.20 levels. Pricing volatility has returned with a vengeance.

The report aims to provide some incremental context on the pricing movement and a contextual analysis of the key participants and how they correlate to the price activity.

We hope you find this an incremental in the shaping of your perspectives on Oil pricing.

If you want to connect with the team at Seismic please reach out.

Seismic report: https://medium.com/seismic-blog/oil-narrative-evolution-b748c2f0b66f

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