2018 Forecasts

As we settle into the new year, take a look at some 2018 forecasts from the sell side companies who share insights on the challenges and opportunities to come this year.

Have a read on some key topics, global economy, and insights from the next generation of investors in Credit Suisse’s 2018 forecast. Click here to read the full forecast.


Goldman Sachs Asset Management shares their take on global expansion, the impact of the central bank policy and takes a look at some investment strategies for 2018. Click here to read

JPMorgan Asset Management shares some time-tested projections. 
Click here to read their 22nd edition of long-term capital market assumptions.

Morgan Stanley forecasts continued and broadening growth in 2018.
 Click here to take a look at their 2018 Global Economy insights:

Nomura shares a podcast detailing the key expectations for the global economy in 2018.
 Click here to listen. 

UBS Asset Management takes an in-depth look into the challenges and opportunities in 2018. Click here to read. 

Happy Trading!

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