China Macro Update

As debt is expected to climb to nearly 300% of GDP by 2022, authorities in Beijing are serious about deleveraging the Chinese economy. The amount of growth China is getting per unit of credit has fallen precipitously meaning that it would need more credit to maintain the growth. This article explores what the Chinese authorities are looking at doing in light of the Chinese economy cooling down further.

As we’ve had time to digest the message, tone and market reaction to the 19th Party Conference, the team at Saxo have curated their monthly report with this in mind. Click on the link to read the full report by Andrew Bresler of the Saxo Group:

To round out your perspective on the Chinese economy going into 2018/19, listen to the Masters in Business Podcast by Barry Ritholtz of Bloomberg, who interviewed the legendary investor, Felix Zulauf. Click on the link to listen:

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