New Breed of Trader?

Article posted on LinkedIn about the growth and sophistication of non bank liquidity providers.

If you are buy side then you need to be aware of your liquidity pools. If you are sell side then you need to understand those organisations that can help support your risk re-cycling.

Additional article from the team at Business Insider with a great graphic.





Blockchain Technology

Over the past couple years we’ve all heard about Blockchain, like most people I immediately think of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

This article, from the team at Harvard Business Review, discusses the platform in depth, how it should be considered a Foundational Technology and could be deployed across different spheres of business to re-shape and help drive the broader economy. They consider the technological impact and societal impact of Foundational Technologies being deployed, including the challenges and opportunities that it brings.

Thank you to Harvard Business School Professors Marco Iansiti and Karim R. Lakhani for developing the article.